There is always hope.

We are a non-profit organization in Vancouver, Washington providing advocacy, support and education to individuals caring for people with all types of dementia. Open to everyone free of charge. Don’t do it alone.

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We attended our first HOPE support meeting in November 2012. We were spinning out of control…That night at support group was the first night since this tragedy that we truly felt we may get through this after-all…we were able to come to a place of acceptance. This allowed us to truly cherish the time we do have with Mom.
Kassie Fisk
I didn’t think I would ever be able to visit Dad again because of how frustrated I was and the emotion my dad was experiencing when I visited. But after HOPE, I actually have some now. The support groups have been given me a new understanding of this disease and how to cope with it and be there for Dad.

Our Mission is to provide Advocacy, Support and Education to Individuals caring for people with all types of dementia.

HOPE survives on a wing and a prayer. None of our board members draw a salary, and all of our facilitators are volunteers. We all do this because we are passionate about educating, and supporting those caring for a loved one with dementia.
We promise to provide you and your loved ones the answers needed to understand dementia and have compassion and empathy for all those living with the disease.
Anyone with dementia, wondering if they have it and/or interact with someone with dementia may attend our support groups FREE of charge.
Our goal is to keep all support groups FREE to all attendees, but expenses still arise. If you have enjoyed our meetings and information or just want to help our cause, we’d greatly appreciate a donation to keep us free! Click here to help.