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We appreciate your support!

HOPE Dementia Support provides invaluable support and services free of charge.
We appreciate any support you could give us, but we wanted to show you some specific programs we offer that you could directly support.


HOPE has seen it happen…the power to calm and comfort people with dementia by using a therapy doll. Although it may be startling to see an adult cuddling with a therapy doll, research has proven that doll therapy has a positive outcome in reducing negative or challenging behaviors. Our dolls are made by Gail Raines creator of GigiBeans sprouts.  These dolls are made to look and feel like new born babies. Each doll costs $200.

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HOPE in a box is our goal for 2018.  We have spent countless hours putting together a training manual.  When you purchase HOPE in a Box you will receive all our training material and all of our forms to be able start your own HOPE dementia support group in your town.  We will also provide training to get you up and started.  Your dollars will insure we are ready to be in your area in 2018!

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HOPE designed our comfort bag to let the caregiver know that even when the end of the journey is near we will still be there for them. In our bags are comfort items, Kleenex, lotion, Chapstick, healthy snacks, bottle water with flavor sticks, to name a few. The facilitator of the group they attend delivers the bag and offers support.

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HOPE support groups are always free to attend.  We rely on donations to help make this happen.  All of our facilitators volunteer their time.  They attend training, and are background checked before they can begin facilitating.  Of course there are many expenses for the training and for the facilitator.  Help us keep HOPE alive, and free for our caregivers to attend by making a donation today.

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A great deal of resources go into community outreach and keeping our information up to date and FREE to our members. We pay out of pocket for the experts that we enlist to help us with marketing and outreach.

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This is HOPE’s program to honor special occasions. Can you imagine that you reach the milestone anniversary of 50 years and yet your spouse has no idea? It is HOPE’s goal to still honor that day. We will bring in a catered dinner on china. Even though the person with dementia may not understand the caregiver (spouse) does, and can celebrate the occasion. We also celebrate milestone birthdays. We work with the family in what they think the person with dementia would have liked.

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Other Ways To Help


Did you know you can link your Fred Meyer Rewards card to “Hope A Dementia Support Group” which provides a donation to our cause when you shop?



Shop at Amazon a lot? Please sign up for Amazon Smile and link your purchases up to us, “Hope A Dementia Support Group,” and a portion of your purchases will go to our cause.